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At The Tennessee Tubs, we are dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Porsche 356. We unite individuals across Nashville and all of Tennessee who are interested in the vintage Porsche sports car.

Who We Are

The Tennessee Tubs is a club for those who are passionate about the Porsche 356. Own or love Porsche 356s? Join the Porsche 356 Registry with nearly 7,000 Porsche 356 enthusiasts in over 40 countries. We enjoy concours, collecting, history, racing, restoration work, historical research, and of course driving. Many members own newer Porsches as well, but tell us none of those can match the experience and joy of driving the original 356 model.

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We organize meetups for coffee or sometimes bigger gatherings.

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Learn how to become a part of our car club! Get in touch with one of our members for more details about how to join our community. We are more than willing to assist you with anything.